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Canadian market price values.

We get you the MAXIMUM price for your vehicle by connecting you to the hottest market location based on your specific vehicle. // LISTING AND SELLING WITH AITHR IS ALWAYS 100% FREE*

We handle the shipping and logistics. The buyer absorbs all costs. You get the most money for your vehicle.

Get the value of your vehicle instantly

* AITHR integrates Canadian Black Book which generates results based on the highest market value available in Canada.
It uses information specific to your vehicle and VIN to give you the most accurate value.

The Road To Getting Your Vehicle Sold Fast and For The Best Market Value!

1 //
Upload and let AITHR get to work

You uploaded your listing to AITHR. Congrats! Your job is done, but AITHR’s work has just begun.

2 //
AITHR Auto assessment and rating

We take your vehicle through a vigorous assessment using the following criteria:

• Year, Make, Model, Trim; Accessories; Vehicle history status; Disclosed known issues; Physical condition including Body damage, Tires and Windshield


Based on your assessment, we give your vehicle an AITHR rating that ranges from 100 (perfect showroom vehicle) down to 0 (missing four tire rims, windshield). With the rating complete, we are ready to hit the market!

3 // Geographical market scan

AITHR intuitively scans national sales data with comparable vehicles across the country. We do a National search to find the highest valued market based on actual sold data. Once we find the best province, your vehicle is entered into that specific market.

4 //
Daily matchmaking

We represent your vehicle and try to match it to our pool of pre-qualified buyers every day.

Our buyers search for specific vehicles to meet their financial criteria and specific options. If your vehicle fits, it will show up in their search results. The buyer selects the vehicle that works , and the rest goes back into the inventory pool, ready for their next match.

5 //
You’re matched!

Your vehicle is now matched, congratulations. Your AITHR representative will contact you to speed up the process of getting you a check in hand. If your vehicle is financed or leased, We will need your loan payout amount to settle the lien.

We will meet you at the financial institution the vehicle loan is with, and together we clear the lien and payout the loan! Any additional money will be given to you by check, cash or both. 

What if I don't get a match?

We will be in contact with you if your vehicle remains on the market without matching for an extended period of time. We will analyze market data to make sure we’re placing you in the correct geographical market, but also that your price point is meeting market expectations. 

In other words, is it priced according to current market conditions given its AITHR assessment and rating? The decision on the price point remains yours, but we will do our best to support your selling journey by giving you the best market data about your vehicle. 

Get to the finish line faster with AITHR alerts

Like a finely tuned pit crew, your AITHR team is here to give you the tools to get your vehicle sold quickly. We use our nation wide market data to give you daily updates on how your potential sale is going and give you real-time pricing information.

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Meet some of our happy AITHR sellers

The smiles say it all! The process was simple, quick, and they got their asking price by tapping into our national network.

Arsen G.

Sold for full price in just 4 days

Arsen listed his vehicle in Calgary, AB. Within 4 days, we connected him to buyer in Vancouver, BC who not only paid  full asking price, but the cost shipping too. Arsen netted 100% profit without any hassles like lowball offers and no shows. 

Edward and Colleen T.

Sold for full price in under 7 days

Edward and Colleen listed their 2017 Subaru Outback in Calgary, AB. In less than 7 days, we matched them with buyer in Windsor, ON who paid their list price as well as all shipping costs. Connecting them to an out-of-province buyer ensured they got the best price in Canada.

AITHR is better way to sell your car

Don't waste your time with no-shows and scammers

From getting ghosted to getting swindled, selling your car can be frustrating and full of risk.


AITHR only markets your vehicle to legitimate, pre-approved buyers. It’s a convenient, risk–free way to sell your automobile.


Say goodbye to lowball offers

Tired of pushy buyers who want to grind you down on price?



Our buyers are not allowed to speak to you, or negotiate in any way. AITHR will only present offers that meet your listing price.

AITHR is always free to the seller

We make the buyer absorb all the costs and fees associated with purchasing your vehicle, even shipping.


It’s kind of like real estate – except with AITHR, you keep 100% of your sale. Guaranteed.

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